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If I transfer to Medibank from another registered Australian health fund, can I start claiming immediately?

In some cases yes, in other cases no. We’ll pay towards services included on your new cover from the date you join if: (i) those services were also included on your cover with your former fund, and (ii) you join us within two months of leaving your former fund, and (iii) you've already served the applicable waiting periods. So, although we'll recognise any waiting periods you've served with your former fund, if you haven't fully served the applicable waiting periods, you'll need to serve the balance with us before you're eligible for benefits.

Additional waiting periods will also apply for any increased benefits, where you have chosen a lower excess, or if you wait more than two months after leaving your former fund before you join Medibank.

Any loyalty bonus or other similar entitlements built up with your former fund (for example, orthodontic entitlements) will not transfer to Medibank. If you transfer to Medibank or to another Medibank cover, any benefits that may have been paid under your previous cover will be taken into account in determining the benefits payable under your new cover.

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