Never had health insurance?

Health insurance can be tricky to understand. If you’ve never had health insurance where do you even start? Use our resources to find out what you need to know about health insurance.

What is health insurance?

Private health insurance is about giving you choice – when you’re treated as a private patient, you have choice of doctor, choice of hospital, or flexibility over timing. Start your health insurance journey with these handy frequently asked questions.

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What does hospital and extras cover mean?

Hospital cover is one that helps with the cost of a member's hospital stay as a private patient. Whereas extras cover gives you money back for non-hospital services such as dental, physio, optical and more.

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Should you get private health insurance?

There are many reasons why people choose to take out private health cover. Check out the 5 key reasons why health insurance could be worth it for you.

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Do I need health insurance if I have Medicare?

Medicare and Medibank are two different things. Medicare is the foundation of Australia's healthcare system. Learn about the differences between Medibank and Medicare here.

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What if I'm a student or adult dependant?

There are different scenarios that may apply to you depending on your age and situation which determines whether or not you will still be included in your parents cover.

What happens if I don’t have health insurance?

Without an appropriate level of private health insurance cover, you might be required to pay additional tax. Find out more about the Medicare Levy Surcharge, Lifetime Health Cover Loading and the Private health insurance rebate and how it might apply to you.

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What is Lifetime Health Cover Loading (LHC)?

Lifetime Health Cover is an Australian government initiative designed to encourage people to get hospital cover early and keep it up. If you’re turning 31, LHC could impact you.

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What does the Medicare Levy Surcharge (MLS) mean?

If you're single and start earning over $93K^, you could pay the Medicare Levy Surcharge at the time, if you don't have the appropriate level of health insurance.

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What is the private health insurance rebate?

The Australian government may help to reduce the cost of your health insurance, depending on your age and how much you earn. It can be claimed in one of two ways.

How much extra tax could you be paying without health insurance?

Use our Medicare Levy Surcharge Calculator to discover how much extra tax you may be paying by not having the appropriate level of Hospital cover for a full tax year#.

Choosing a Cover

With so many options to choose from, picking the right cover can be overwhelming. 

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Things you should know

#  This calculation is a guide only. For a more detailed quote of what you might pay we recommend speaking to a financial advisor who will be able to take into account your income and personal situation. Where annual income for Medicare Levy Surcharge purposes is over $93,000 as a single (or $186,000 as a couple/family).