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6 ways to eat more fruit

Lifestyle — Posted 17/02/15

Relish your two serves of fruit each day and get a vibrant mix of vitamins and nutrients. The Dietitians Association of Australia shares some refreshing ideas.

1. In salads. Fruit can add fantastic colour, tang and texture to summer salads. Fruits that work well include pomegranate, mango, apples, pears or even watermelon! (Try this Cypriot salad, mango and prawn salad or cherry quinoa salad for starters!)

2. Barbecued. Throw some mango cheeks or halved peaches onto the barbecue and serve with yoghurt and a drizzle of maple syrup for a delicious and healthy dessert. (Try this grilled peaches recipe.)

3. Blended up. Freeze leftover fruit such as banana, mango, paw paw, berries, melon and peaches to use in a quick breakfast smoothie. Just add low-fat yoghurt, low-fat milk and other tasty additions,like almond meal. (Check out these smoothie recipes for ideas).

4. In breakfasts. Add fruits to your breakfast – seasonal fruits are the perfect addition to your muesli or porridge – or get creative and try a very trendy acai bowl. (Try this apple-passion bircheracai bowl or macadamia berry breakfast jar.) 

5. For dessert. Base your sweet treats on fruit – fresh, stewed, and into healthy crumbles, pies and puddings. (Try these baked vanilla fruits  or nectarine waffles).

6. Get creative. Think outside the box and enjoy summer fruit beyond a dessert fruit platter – try a nectarine, rocket and walnut salad, a mango and avocado salsa, or barbecued pineapple wedges. (For more ideas, give this apple and banana breadcherry bruschetta or rose watermelon salad a go.)

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