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10 sneaky ways to eat more vegetables

Lifestyle — Posted 12/02/15

Nourish your body with a variety of fresh, colourful veggies. Here are some suggestions for packing more of the good stuff into your diet from the Dietitian's Association of Australia.

1. Throw them in frittatas

Add lots of vegetables into bakes like savoury slices or quiches – these are delicious to eat from the oven, but are also great served cold. (Check out this asparagus and leek tart as a yummy base.)

2. Add to pasta sauce

Have spaghetti with a Bolognese sauce at the end of your shopping week. Chop up all of your leftover veggies and add to the sauce. (Or, try this Greek pasta recipe for a bit of variation.)

3. Explore new cooking methods

Try cooking your regular vegetables in a different way to make them more interesting. For example, roast carrot with sesame seeds, or stir-frying zucchini with olive oil and garlic. (Check out these recipes for making spinach and Brussels sprouts delicious – seriously!)

4. Get chopping

Take time after food shopping to peel and cut fruits and vegetables so they are ready to eat. Vegetables like carrots, capsicum, celery and cucumber can be added to salads, snacks and stir-fries – the perfect nutrient-packed fast-foods!

5. Roast extras

When roasting, always cook extra vegetables such as eggplant, carrot and sweet potato. These work well in salads (like this roast pumpkin salad or roast veggies and quinoa salad) or the next day, with little extra effort.

6. Add frozen veggies

Always have a bag of frozen vegetables available for those times where you’re time poor.Then there’s no excuse for not including vegetables with dinner!

7. Make dips

Create vegetable dips (think beetroot, carrot and capsicum) to have when entertaining or just as a tasty, everyday snack. (Try this broad bean dip or sweet potato hummus for a taste!)

8. Create colourful salads

Make a large grain salad, use either quinoa or freekah as your base, add as many vegetables as you can (fresh or roasted), plus some seeds (such as pumpkin and sunflower seeds) and currants. (Try some of these yummy salad recipes.)

9. Toss them in a soup

Vitamise all types of vegetables into a vegetable soup. Tastes amazing! (Try these soup recipes for ideas.)

10. Make healthy pizzas

Buy a pizza stone and serve homemade veggie-based pizzas using wholemeal pita breads. (Check out these 10 healthy pizzas for topping inspiration.)

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