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Your 2019 health cover premium

Your health cover premium is set to change on 1st April, 2019. We’ll be providing you with more information soon to help you understand the changes, and show you how to get the most value from your health cover.

Are you getting the most out of your cover?

Make sure your cover has what you need, and get the most value with these simple tips. 

Know your cover and make the most of it

Getting better value from your cover can be as simple as understanding what’s included. Login to to refresh your knowledge and check our handy tips to help you make the most of your current cover.

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Get more back with Members’ Choice

Get 100% back on your annual dental check up when you visit a Members’ Choice dentist1. We've also negotiated maximum agreed prices at Members' Choice providers so you can be clear about what your out of pocket may be for a wide range of Extras services. It helps to have access to a large network of health service providers across the country – find one closest to you.

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Make sure your cover suits your needs

Kids moving out? Planning to start a family? Have your health needs changed? It’s always a good idea to see if your cover is moving in the same direction as your life. Chat to one of our team members on
132 331 to explore your options, or visit us at a store near you.

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You could avoid Lifetime Health Cover loading

The Lifetime Health Cover loading is a government levy that may be applied to premiums if you take up Hospital cover after 1 July following your 31st birthday. A 2% loading is added to your premium for every year you are aged over age 30 and don't hold Hospital cover.

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Medibank Mobile App

Update your details, check your limits and see what your cover includes from your mobile  - anywhere, anytime. Download now: Google Play or Apple App Store.

Why you should keep your cover

There are plenty of reasons to keep your cover, for both Hospital and Extras.

Your cover, in your pocket

Your Extras cover is there to help you look after your day-to-day health. To make the most of your Extras, it’s important to know what’s included in your cover. You can check this by downloading the Medibank Mobile App, or by visiting

Better choice when you go to hospital

More than financial benefits, your Hospital cover lets you enjoy generally shorter wait times for a range of in-hospital elective procedures. As a private patient in a private hospital you'll also have flexibility over where, when and by whom you'll get treated.

Additional support at the right time

Beyond just helping cover hospital bills, we’re also investing in new and innovative programs such as our Health Concierge2 program. Designed to provide support before and after a hospital procedure, Health Concierge aims to help make recovery as stress-free as possible for eligible patients and their loved ones.

Better support for members

Another way we’re better supporting our members is through CareComplete, which may help eligible members with chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease better manage their illness. By working closely with GPs, we've developed a useful range of integrated health support services such as coordination of care and health coaching. CareComplete is currently available in most major metropolitan and regional areas3.

Why premiums are changing

No one likes a price increase, but reviewing premiums allows us to keep pace with rising healthcare costs. Doing so means we can continue to help members like you with the costs of accessing a world-class health system. Here’s what affects the cost of premiums.

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Better quality healthcare

In Australia, we enjoy some of the best healthcare in the world. New and improving technologies mean better treatment, but they can come at a price. These technologies are often expensive to implement, and contribute to higher overall costs in the health sector.

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A rise in chronic conditions

While we’re living longer, Australians are also being admitted to hospital in record numbers. Chronic conditions such as heart disease and diabetes are increasing year by year.

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Our ageing population

As they say, 50 is the new 30, 60 is the new 40, and so on. It’s great news that Australians, on the whole, are living longer. But the longer we live, the more healthcare we’re likely to need.

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Decreasing government rebates

The Australian Government Rebate on private health insurance has been steadily decreasing each year, which means your premiums may be higher.

Frequently asked questions

Things you should know

1 - 100% back on annual dental check up. Two month waiting period applies. Excludes x rays.

2 - Subject to meeting Health Concierge eligibility criteria.

3 - Subject to meeting CareComplete eligibility criteria. CareComplete is currently available in most metropolitan and regional areas and is not available in the Northern Territory.