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Health insurance could be more affordable with a youth discount

Health insurers will have the option to offer discounts on hospital insurance to 18-29 year olds with the aim to make health insurance more accessible for younger Australians.

What is a youth discount and are you eligible?

Health insurers will have the option to offer discounts on hospital insurance for younger Australians (aged between 18 and 29) to help make health insurance more affordable. Medibank will be including the Youth Discount on many of our hospital covers from 1 April 2019. 

The discount you receive depends on your age when you first take out an eligible hospital cover and ranges from 10% (if you take out cover before the age of 26) to 2% (if you take out cover at the age of 29).

The discount is ongoing, which means if you keep your eligible hospital cover, your discount remains until you turn 41. From then, the discount will reduce by 2% per year until it reaches zero.

Select your age below to see the Youth Discount that could be applied to one of our eligible hospital products if you’re aged 18-29 and a policy holder or partner.



Gemma is 28 years old and has hospital cover with Medibank. On 1 April 2019, because of Gemma’s age, a discount of 4% is applied to her hospital cover premium.

Gemma gets an email about the discount and it’s back to business as usual for her cover.

If you’re already a member, and your cover is eligible for a Youth Discount, the discount will be automatically applied to your policy based on your age on 1 April 2019; there’s nothing you need to do and we’ll let you know once the discount is applied.

To be eligible you’ll have to have your own policy or a policy with your partner, you can’t be a dependant on your parents’ policy.

If you are on a couple or family policy, the discount is calculated by taking an average of the discount applied to the adults on the hospital cover. So, if one person has 10% discount and their partner has no discount, or 0%, the discount applied is 5% overall.

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