Overseas Health Cover for Visa

Have confidence choosing a Medibank Overseas Health Cover to help with the cost of medical treatment if you have an accident or get sick during your time in Australia.

Things you need to know

Waiting periods, annual limits and out-of-pocket expenses may apply

^For ambulance attendance and transportation to a hospital where immediate professional attention is required and your medical condition is such that you couldn't be transported any other way.

~Services not provided by a doctor but are billed with an MBS item number. For example, eye checks and services related to chronic disease and mental health management plans, where they fall under an Included service under your Hospital cover.

+Any Excluded service will be treated as an Included service where you require hospital treatment as a result of injuries sustained in an Accident after joining this cover and within 12 months of the date the Accident occurred. The Accident must have occured in Australia while the cover was not suspended. Treatment must be sought within 7 days of the Accident. Excludes claims covered by third parties such as WorkCover.

*Only at Members’ Choice providers. Up to annual limits. Members Choice not available in all areas. Waiting periods apply including 12 months for some dental services.

#Waiting period may apply. Limited to two dental check-ups annually on all extras. Not available in all areas.

**Up to annual limits. Waiting periods may apply. Some services, like lens coating, aren’t included.

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Learn more about Australia's healthcare system

If you need medical attention while you’re in Australia and you don’t have health cover it can be very expensive, whether you’re treated in the public or the private healthcare system. Find out more about the differences between the private and public healthcare system.

Need a little extra help?

Find out more about things like waiting periods and pre-existing conditions or check our list of definitions if you don’t know the meaning of a word or phrase.

Things you should know