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    Trail running gear

    We recommend shoes, clothing and other gear that can optimise your trail running experience.

    Trail Running Shoes

    While on some trails you can get away with regular running shoes, if you head further off road or start increasing the distance you’re walking or running, a pair of specific trail running shoes can make a big difference.

    New Balance Minimus

    The Minimus is a lightweight trail running shoe that simulates a barefoot running experience while protecting your feet from the demands of outdoors. With all minimal shoes, and as we highlighted in the spring edition of be., it’s important to build up gradually to let your feet and muscles adjust. The Maximus shoe helps you feel more nimble and agile as you run through the trails and despite their lightweight feel, they have a tough Vibram outsole, handle most conditions well, dry quickly and breathe easily. facebook.com/NewBreedRunning

    Salomon XR Mission

    The XR Mission is the newest member of Salomon’s XR family of trail running shoes. Light and responsive, the shoe cushion absorbs shocks, its design improves heel to toe transition and its flexibility adapts to terrain variances. The XR Mission shoe has been developed in specific styles for men and women. salomonrunning.com/au

    Salomon Ankle Gaiters

    Ankle gaiters make a big difference when you go for a run or walk off road. Combined with a good pair of trail running shoes, ankle gaiters stop debris entering your shoe and twigs from scratching your ankles. The Salomon ankle gaiter is made of a lightweight, breathable yet sturdy material that keeps out debris but doesn’t restrict your movement or weigh you down. salomonrunning.com/au

    Salomon Soft Flask

    When you hit the trails you tend to be out for a while and very rarely will you find water. Traditional drink bottles can be heavy and cumbersome to carry as you tramp about. The Salomon Soft Flask is a great option and is available in two sizes – one that fits in your hand, which is great for energy gels or drinks, and a larger one ideal for water. They also have a bite-valve to release the fluid that prevents leakages. salomonrunning.com/au

    Drymax Trail Running Socks

    Trail running’s diverse off road conditions require a specific sock to help your feet stay protected, comfortable and dry. Drymax trail running socks have a water protection layer as well as fibres that absorb water away from the inner layer of the sock to the outer layer to keep your feet dry. The socks also have dense padding to cushion your feet from rugged terrain and are specifically designed to minimise seams and friction points to prevent blisters. drymaxsocks.com.au

    Mission EnduraCool Towels

    Staying cool is important no matter what activity you do. The Mission EnduraCool Towel is a new product made of a lightweight material that only needs to be made wet with water or sweat and snapped for its cooling technology to activate and provide you with a cool towel for up to two hours. Machine washable and reusable, this towel is your best friend when it comes to staying cool on the trails. rebelsport.com.au

    Asics Long Sleeve Tops

    As you get into trail walking and running, you will notice that it is quite easy to pick up little scratches or encounter bugs as you head through the bush. A lightweight, long sleeve sports top is a great option to provide protection from the environment and the sun. Asics has a great range of men’s and women’s long sleeve tops and their breathability and moisture wicking properties won’t heat you up either. asics.com.au

    For more information about running visit Medibank Health Hub.

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