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How to create your perfect summer fitness plan

Reboot your fitness this summer and feel strong, bright and energised.

Summery days have a way of inspiring you to get active. Time to shrug off the cosy layers of winter and embrace bright, early mornings, warm evenings and plenty of time outdoors. It’s the perfect chance to refresh your fitness routine and design a new workout plan that you’ll be excited to stick to.

But where to start? To make any lifestyle changes, thinking through what you really want to achieve and what you can realistically stick to is essential.

For the best results, take some time to consider the following questions:

• What are your fitness goals?

Do you want to improve your fitness, lose weight, gain muscle, or socialise more? Defining why you’re exercising will help you choose what kind of activity is right for you.

• How much time do you have, and when?

If you have a busy schedule, an hour a day may be hard to maintain. Exercise should reduce stress, not add to it – so choose a routine that fits your lifestyle.

• What does your body need?

Think about what you do all day, and what your body needs to complement that. For example, if you work indoors, choose an outdoor activity. If you’re sitting all day, a stretching practice like yoga or pilates could be beneficial. If you’re a physical worker, try something that uses different muscle groups to your job.

• What do you really enjoy?

If you hate running, resolving to run every day probably isn’t going to go too well. Choose something you enjoy and you’re much more likely to stay motivated and committed. If you’re an introvert, consider solo activities like cycling or yoga. If you crave interaction, a training buddy or CrossFit gym might be right for you.

“Mix up your gym session with outdoor runs and ocean swims, or take an evening walk to reflect on your day.”

Summer fitness ideas

Getting clear on your goals and how your new fitness routine could best work into your lifestyle should help guide your plan. Then the fun really starts. Here are a handful of ideas to get the inspiration flowing.

1. Take it outside

Morning sunshine, warm weather and longer days create the perfect conditions to get some vitamin D with your workout. Mix up your gym session with outdoor runs and ocean swims, or take an evening walk to reflect on your day.

2. Walk your dog (or someone else’s!)

Pets can be excellent furry exercise buddies. Check out your local council website for off-lead parks, beaches, and walking trails.

3. Create a fitness calendar

Blocking out dedicated fitness time in your diary is a great way to ensure life doesn’t get in the way of your exercise plans.

4. Grab a buddy

Being accountable to someone for your exercise goals has been proven to help you stay on track. Involve a family member or friend in your fitness activities, or team up with a personal trainer.

5. Embrace incidental exercise

Not all workouts have to make you sweat. Making small choices throughout the day can add up to big results. Work your legs and stomach by standing rather than sitting in a waiting room, tone your butt and thighs on the stairs instead of the lift or escalator, or get a gentle core workout by giving up your seat on public transport.

6. Go on a wellness retreat

Sometimes we just can’t make time for regular exercise. Getting away for a few days can help you reconnect with yourself and get some exercise in an idyllic setting. Yoga and meditation retreats are a great option for a physical and mental reboot.

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