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    Power-up your playlist!

    Looking to re-energise your runs? Here are three pumping playlists you should consider downloading.

    Songs for straight, flat running

    If want a steady pace, then it’s really all about setting a metronomic beat you can keep time with – both in terms of your heart rate, feet rhythm and breath. Scientific studies have shown cranking songs that are 180bpms or more means you hit the best cadence or strike rate. Spotify actually has a giant list of ditties that are either 180bpms or faster, so here’s our pick…

    1. Night Life – Scissor Sisters

    If Jake Spears’ flamboyant falsetto doesn’t push you along, nothing will.

    2. Used to Get High – John Butler Trio

    You used to get high, now you get fit – the Aussie troubadour tells it like it is.

    3. Love in an Elevator – Aerosmith

    Steven Tyler’s elastic wail and Joe Perry’s riffs will squirt a bit of nitro in your veins.

    4. The Mile – Dead Letter Circus

    Overlapping guitar delays and frenetic beats – the definition of adrenaline.

    5. Demons – Imagine Dragons

    Imagine both dragons and demons pursuing you and you’ll pick up the pace.

    6. The Distance – Cake

    C’mon, the lyrics say it all – “Are you going the distance?”

    7. Do Me a Favour – Arctic Monkeys

    It’s got the classic 4/4 stomper of a beat and a catchy tune. What else do you want?

    8. Next Year – Foo Fighters

    Dave Grohl and Co. hold the patent on killer rock tunes, so keep going!

    9. Drive – Incubus

    It’s acoustic, sure, but the hook and the rock solid beat will keep your feet pounding.

    10. Mojo – Peeping Tom

    Mike Patton’s take on hip-hop is greasy, heart-pumping fun.

    Songs for sprints and hills

    Here it’s really all about triggering that sudden adrenaline burst in order to push through the pain – and nothing propels a runner faster than a wailing guitar solo, an anthemic hook or a huge riff.

    1. Kickstart my Heart – Motley Crue

    Ah, hair metal and a guitar riff that sounds like a Harley revving. Pure raucous energy that you can siphon aurally!

    2. Eye of the Tiger – Survivor

    Hey, if it worked for Rocky climbing the steps of the Philadelphia Museum, it’ll work for you.

    3. Enter Sandman – Metallica

    A snarling riff, a heavy metal mantra and a wailing wah solo. Check!

    4. Creep – Radiohead

    Note the light ‘n’ shade – quiet bits to lull you, soaring power chords to lift you.

    5. Spoonman – Soundgarden

    Yes, the 7/4 time signature might put a hiccup in your stride, but the chorus is the pay-off.

    6. Best of You – Foo Fighters

    Tell yourself, Dave Grohl is asking you for your personal best. Keep running!

    7. Killing in the Name – Rage Against The Machine

    Tom Morello’s funktastic riffs + Zach de la Rocha’s strident rap = instant adrenaline.

    8. Paradise City – Guns N Roses

    With a thundering beat, rollicking rhythm and the Axl vs Slash histrionics, this will make you run hard.

    9. Highway to Hell – AC/DC

    By now you’re in hell. Beside a highway, probably. So a bit of AccaDacca to fire things up should work, right?

    10. We Are the Champions – Queen

    If you can finish on this one, you’re a hero. Even Freddy Mercury says so.

    And if all that fails, how about some songs that just happen to have the word ‘run’ in them…

    1. Run to the Hills – Iron Maiden

    2. Runaways – The Killers

    3. Run – Cog

    4. Born to Run – Bruce Springsteen

    5. Run to You – Bryan Adams

    6. Band on the Run – Paul McCartney

    7. Run Like Hell – Pink Floyd

    8. Running With The Devil – Van Halen

    9. Running On Empty – Jackson Browne

    10. Road Runner theme – Looney Tunes cartoon

    What songs are on your playlist? Share your favourites #GenBetter

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