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    On-the-go summer snack ideas

    Accredited Practising Dietitan shares her foods that are easy to prep and eat on summer travels

    • A handful (30 g) of nuts.
    • A bread roll with a banana thrown in.
    • Rice cakes or corn thins with a nut spread or avocado and tomato.

    • Air popped popcorn, with a sprinkle of chilli flakes or cinnamon.
    • Canned fish with dry biscuits and, if you have room for fresh ingredients, some rocket/salad.
    • Thermos flask with soup (yes, even in hot weather this can be nice!).

    • Fresh or canned fruit (remember a spoon!)
    • Kangaroo sausages or lean burgers for the lunch stop to put on the barbeque in a park.
    • Fruit bun or fruit scone – pick up one from a local bakery.

    • Punnet of cherry tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries to snack on the way.
    • Breakfast cereal and long life milk for the early morning breakfast stop or for in your hotel.

    Remember to think about food hygiene issues if food is going to be unrefrigerated for long periods, or pack with a frozen ice block in a cooler bag.  Keeping up your water intake and including fresh fruits, vegetables and wholegrain cereals for dietary fibre can be important while travelling. Making room for your favourite breakfast cereal in the suitcase can be a good option, even for a high fibre snack!

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