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    How to enrich your life through volunteering

    Giving back via volunteering is a wonderfully energising and gratifying experience.

    Conservation Volunteers

    A love of outdoors and passion for the environment is the only skill required for a volunteering role with Conservation Volunteers. With one-day, multiple day or even overseas expeditions available, the volunteer experience is varied and enriching. From taking part in flora and fauna protection programs to supporting the maintenance of coastlines, you can contribute to securing the future of our environment. conservationvolunteers.com.au

    Heart Foundation

    Volunteers have been assisting the Heart Foundation with their work preventing early death and disability from heart disease and stroke since 1959. From door knock fundraising to event organisation and administrative support, there is a range of volunteering opportunities with the Heart Foundation. The Foundation has offices across Australia and offers its volunteers the opportunity to play a vital part in life-saving work. heartfoundation.org.au

    The Red Cross

    Millions of volunteers worldwide assist the Australian Red Cross care for local communities in Australia and Asia Pacific. The first to arrive and the last to leave during disaster, their assistance extends to providing shelter, medical help, re-connecting families and offering food. Connect with like-minded volunteers, meet new people and give back to the community with a volunteering opportunity with Red Cross. redcross.org.au

    Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation

    There are two ways you can contribute as a volunteer to furthering the good work of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation. The Foundation is run by a small group of office volunteers who assist with the day-to-day tasks that keep the Foundation running smoothly and ensure the program is implemented across Australia. For people who prefer a more hands-on experience, school volunteers share their passion for cooking and gardening with students of the program and help educate them about food in a pleasurable way. kitchengardenfoundation.org.au


    SecondBite sources nutritious surplus fresh food and produce that would be going to waste and redistributes it to people and agencies in need. In 2012, SecondBite distributed over three million kilograms of fresh produce and it services over 900 agencies. Volunteers are encouraged to donate their time, funds or food to ensure SecondBite continues to help people in need. secondbite.org

    The Smith Family

    Join one of the 7,800 volunteers who dedicate over 340,000 hours of their own time each year to helping disadvantaged Australians get the most out of their education. Tutoring roles, literacy support, administrative volunteers and mentoring are all filled by volunteers and are just some of the opportunities available. thesmithfamily.com.au

    Melbourne French Theatre

    Do you have a dual passion for the French language and drama? Melbourne French Theatre is a non-profit company in Victoria that has been producing French theatre since 1977. Volunteers play an important role in keeping the curtains open with a wide variety of roles available including sound, lighting, acting, directing, set design, make up and graphic design. melbournefrenchtheatre.org.au

    Giving back can be wonderfully energising and gratifying – here are seven organisations keen for your help.

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