Tastes of the Amazon

Sambazon is an acai company who has a fair trade partnership to protect the Amazon rainforest.

Written by Sambazon

Lured to Brazil in search of waves and adventure, close friends Ryan Black and Edmund Nichols found a lot more than epic breaks and barrels in this extraordinary destination.

“We fell in love with the country; the energy of the place was so positive and it really resonated with us,” Ryan says.

“It was in Brazil that we had our first açaí bowl and we were blown away by its amazing taste. We knew that this was something that the world would love, and that we could share Amazonian food globally in a way that mattered and added value to everyone involved.”

Growing up in Southern California, Ryan learned from his mother at a young age that caring for your own health and happiness is just as important as caring for the community and the planet. This mantra has stuck strong, forming the foundation of Sambazon, a business that blossomed from that first trip to Brazil.

“When we returned from our trip we started Sambazon with my brother Jeremy. And from that day onward, Sambazon has operated under the Triple Bottom Line philosophy, which measures success economically, socially and environmentally.”

The company’s Fair Trade partnership now helps to protect the Amazon Rainforest and benefits more than 10,000 family farmers. Creating products from organic, fair trade ingredients in the region, Sambazon produces a range of juices, frozen packs, energy drinks and freeze-dried powers.

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“The people there live with so little and still smile so big. Sambazon is really proud to have been able to help so many families in the community."

As the company has grown, it has remained true to its origins of supporting locals in the Amazon region, advocating buying consciously and fostering a sense of togetherness.

“The people there live with so little and still smile so big. Sambazon is really proud to have been able to help so many families in the community.

“All of us are one, we are one tribe of humans. We are beginning to wake up and realise that the collective consciousness is more important than any individual. And that as consumers of goods we have the ability to move mountains with our spending power. We can vote with our dollars for the kind of future that we desire. Together, nothing is impossible.”

With the future in mind, the initiatives on the horizon for Sambazon offer plenty to be positive about.

“We’d like to see schools built for the local communities in the Brazilian Amazon – education, integrity and compassion is the key to growing together as a human race.

“It has also been great to see Sambazon Açaí reach the Australian market. We’re so lucky to be able to provide Australians with the only organic, fair trade frozen acai product to make their own açaí bowls and smoothies at home.”

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Written by Sambazon

Organic, fair trade açaí company Sambazon was founded by Ryan Black, Jeremy Black and Edmund Nichols.


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