7 delicious ways to enjoy cabbage

From salads to stir fry, there's no shortage of ways to use this delicious veggie staple.

Written by Medibank
Serving of coleslaw a healthy vibrant colourful salad made with shredded raw cabbage, carrots and onions

1. Slaw

Grate red cabbage, carrots, beetroots and toss with peas and fresh coriander. Drizzle with tamari and lime juice. Finish off with a sprinkle of sesame seeds for extra crunch.

2. Sauerkraut

Slice cabbage into ribbons and massage with salt and caraway seeds. Pack into jar, cover with cloth and leave to ferment for 3-10 days in a cool, dark place. Serve with bratwurst sausage or mixed through in roast potatoes for a healthy, hearty meal.

3. Salad

Chop cabbage, kale and green beans finely and mix in peas and fresh parsley. Garnish with a slosh of olive oil and squeeze of lemon juice for a delicious side of dinner greens.

4. Grilled

Cut cabbage into wedges and brush with butter, crushed garlic, salt and pepper. Grill for 5-7 minutes and serve with a wedge of lime for a tasty appetizer.

5. Curry

Toast mustard seeds, cumin, turmeric and coriander in a hot pan. Stir in yogurt, add cabbage chunks and simmer until deliciously fragrant. Serve on a bed of rice to really hit the spot.

6. Soup

Sautee mushrooms, diced peppers, garlic and ginger in a large pot. Add broth and simmer before adding shaved cabbage. Season with a drop of soy sauce and a hint of chilli for extra kick.

7. Stir fry

Brown garlic, ginger and chilli flakes in hot, oiled pan. Add shredded cabbage and carrot until it wilts and stir in coriander. Add a splash of soy and top with toasted peanuts for a zesty mid-week meal.

Written by Medibank

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