Stay warm and protected from the elements with the right gear. Here's what's on our winter wishlist.


1. 2XU compression socks

Good socks are the key to warm feet and an enjoyable time out on the slopes. 2XU compression socks are perfect to wear under your ski or snowboard boots and are designed for long periods of wear. PWX POWER (power, weight and flexibility) design with nylon elastomeric yarns provide plenty of stretch and bounce for the active wearer and graduated compression technology enhances circulation.

2. Blistex Five-Way Lip Protection

Anyone who's experienced a day at the snow can attest to rushing winds, watery eyes and very chapped lips. This lip balm provides great protection for your lips in cold and windy conditions, as well as offering sun protection for when those rays bounce off the white snow.

Calendula oil comforts chapped lips, glycerine provides hydration, candelilla offers a wind-resistant barrier, wheat germ oil locks in moisture and SPF 30 UVB protects from the sun – five protection layers for soft, undamaged lips.

3. GoPro camera

With smartphones providing easier then ever access to digital recording devices, people want to see and share footage from wherever they are in the world. With GoPro offering a versatile, durable, wearable or mountable video camera, you need never miss capturing a spectacular moment again.

Mount the camera onto your skis, wear it attached to your clothing or on the edge of your board for those fantastic first-person angles of you carving through the snow – or taking a tumble!

4. Kathmandu Calhoun NGX snow boots

Waterproof, durable and lightweight, the Calhoun boot is a great way to walk comfortably in snow. Offering full insulation to keep warm air inside, a durable toe bumper and heel, gripped outsole and windproof design, they are a great option to keep feet warm and dry – the women’s design also has an additional fur-lined ankle collar.

5. Salomon Vision GTX Gloves M & W

Keeping your extremities warm on the mountain is mission critical! The Vision GTX is a technical all-mountain glove combining GORE-tex membrane, softshell fabric and a leather palm. In addition to keeping your hands dry and warm, the Vision GTX offers great control and mobility whether that be on your ski poles or around a mug of hot chocolate.

6. Asics Element Knit Woven Jacket

When hitting the mountain, layered clothing is a great way to tackle the varied conditions. The Element Knit Woven jacket from Asics is lightweight and is made with eco microfibre to protect you from wind and water and keep you warm and dry.

7. Patagonia Men’s Down Sweater Jacket

Patagonia is well known for creating products that can take on the harshest elements. Keeping you well protected from the cold, the Patagonia Men’s Down Sweater Jacket is not only stylish but lightweight, windproof and filled with goose down to keep you feeling toasty. Elastic cuffs are a simple design feature that helps keep the warm in and the wind out.

8. Kathmandu Incline gridTECH pack

This daypack is packed with features for the alpine adventurer. 40 litres in size, it has a roll top and is made from Kathmandu’s gridTECH two layer fabric offering a tear free nylon outer and robust, water resistant inner layer. There are plenty of points to attach an ice axe, snowboard or skis and collapsible poles and a front pocket provides a handy, accessible spot for wet gear.

9. Salomon Brilliant Pant

The Salomon Brilliant Pant is built to be both functional and good to look at. Designed to handle tough mountain conditions, it is packed with features including a full venting system – allowing you to let off steam on the slopes. Thermal insulation keeps you warm on the coldest days and the design enables more freedom of movement to deliver more flexibility and fun wherever you are on the mountain.

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