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6 healthy Father’s Day breakfast ideas

This Father’s Day, surprise the special men in your life with a delicious (and nutritious) breakfast.

It’s time to spoil the fathers in your life! This Sunday, make Dad feel special by treating him to a yummy breakfast. But before you get out the chocolate sauce and pancake mix, the Dietitians Association of Australia suggests pausing to think about healthy choices to help encourage positive lifestyle changes.

“Father’s Day is all about looking after Dad – and what better way to do that than by helping him kickstart healthier habits he can keep up over time,” says Accredited Practising Dietitian Georgie Rist.

“Rates of overweight and obesity are far too high in Australia, and it is time to realise that expanding waistlines should not be the norm,” Georgie says. “In light of this, we’re asking families to start Dad’s day with a healthy Father’s Day breakfast. It’s a great way to spoil Dad, without upsetting the scales.”

Delicious breakfast ideas to try

There’s truth to the adage that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Georgie says studies show that those who eat a filling, healthy breakfast tend to be a lighter weight and find it easier to maintain their weight compared to those who skip their morning meal.

So start Dad’s day out right with a delicious and healthy breakfast that will get him feeling nourished and energised. Georgie suggests trying one of the following…

    1. Poached or scrambled eggs on wholegrain toast with avocado and asparagus.
    2. Wholegrain cereal with reduced-fat milk, topped with fresh fruit.
    3. Wholemeal English muffin with baked beans and reduced-fat cheese.
    4. Porridge with reduced-fat milk, reduced-fat yoghurt, fresh fruit and mixed nuts.
    5. Crumpets with a little honey, sliced banana and ricotta.
    6. Breakfast wrap – wholemeal or wholegrain wrap with scrambled egg, reduced-fat grated cheese, tomato and snow pea sprouts.

For more inspiration, check out these breakfast recipes.

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