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About your membership with us

What is the difference between a member, a membership and a policy holder?

There are three terms we use when we're talking about membership: member, membership and policy holder. As a starting point, it's good to be clear on all three.

A member is simply any person covered under a Medibank Private membership.

A membership is made up of one or more members and can consist of:

just one person, (single membership)

a couple membership which covers you (the policy holder) and your partner

single parent* membership, which covers you and

any of your child dependants and/or

any student dependants

family membership*, which covers you and your partner and

any of your child dependants and/or

any of your student dependants

family with adult children* membership option, which can, for an additional cost, extend a single parent or family membership to include any of your children who:

have reached the age of 21 but are under 25,

are not studying full-time, and

are neither married nor living in a de facto relationship

*These membership categories do not apply to Young Hospital cover.

The term policy holder refers to the person who ‘owns' the membership. This is the person we contact when we need to communicate important information.