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Medibank Product Name Changes

By April 2020, all hospital products will be categorised into ‘basic’, ‘bronze’, ‘silver’ or ‘gold’ categories - making it easy to compare products across health insurers.

The below table details Medibank products that have changed names as a result of the Australian Government reforms to Private Health Insurance.

New Name

Old Name

Date Change Occurred

Gold Advantage AdvantagePlus 1/04/2019
Medibank Basic Accident and Ambulance Accident Cover 1/04/2019
Essential Extras 55 Basic Extras 55 1/04/2019
Essential Extras 70 Basic Extras 70 1/04/2019
Select Hospital Basic Hospital 1/04/2019
Blue Ribbon Extras Premier Blue Ribbon Extras Plus 1/04/2019
Extras 55 Bronze Extras 55 1/04/2019
Medibank Gold Complete  Complete Hospital 1/04/2019
Corporate Basic Accident Corporate Accident Cover 1/04/2019
Corporate Gold Health Cover Corporate Health Cover Platinum Hospital 1/04/2019
Corporate Basic Plus Hospital Corporate Hospital Basics 1/04/2019
Corporate Silver Plus Hospital Established Corporate Hospital Established 1/04/2019
Corporate Silver Plus Hospital Established CP Corporate Hospital Established CP 1/04/2019
Corporate Silver Plus Hospital Corporate Hospital Mid 1/04/2019
Corporate Gold Hospital Corporate Hospital Premier 1/04/2019
Corporate Gold Hospital CP Corporate Hospital Premier CP 1/04/2019
Corporate Overseas Workers Health Cover Extras Corporate Working Visa Cover Extras 1/04/2019
Corporate Overseas Workers Health Cover Corporate Working Visa Cover Hospital 1/04/2019
Corporate Overseas Workers Health Cover Advantage Extras Corporate Working Visa Cover Platinum Extras 1/04/2019
Corporate Overseas Workers Health Cover Advantage Corporate Working Visa Cover Platinum Hospital 1/04/2019
Essentials Silver Plus Hospital Essentials Hospital 1/04/2019
Medibank Basic Everyday Starter Everyday Starter 1/04/2019
Extras 85 Gold Extras 85 1/04/2019
Healthy Options HealthyPlus 1/04/2019
Gold Premier PremierPlus 1/04/2019
Priority Starter Extras Priority Bronze Extras 1/04/2019
Priority Starter Extras A Priority Bronze Extras A 1/04/2019
Priority Starter Hospital Priority Bronze Hospital 1/04/2019
Priority Optimal Extras Priority Gold Extras 1/04/2019
Priority Optimal Extras A Priority Gold Extras A 1/04/2019
Priority Gold Hospital Priority Gold Hospital 1/04/2019
Priority Standard Extras Priority Silver Extras 1/04/2019
Priority Standard Extras A Priority Silver Extras A 1/04/2019
Priority Standard Hospital Priority Silver Hospital 1/04/2019
Basic Reciprocal Exemption Cover Reciprocal Exemption Cover 1/04/2019
Extras 70 Silver Extras 70 1/04/2019
Gold Smart Choice Hospital Smart Choice Hospital 1/04/2019
Smart Options SmartPlus 1/04/2019
Overseas Workers Premium Hospital, Medical and Extras Top 85 Working Visa Health Insurance Extras 1/04/2019
Gold Top Hospital Top Hospital 1/04/2019
Medibank Gold Ultra Health Ultra Health Cover 1/04/2019
Overseas Workers Standard Hospital and Medical Working Visa Basic Insurance 1/04/2019
Overseas Workers Advanced Hospital and Medical Working Visa Hospital and Medical Insurance 1/04/2019
Overseas Workers Base Hospital Working Visa Hospital Insurance 1/04/2019
Top Hospital Essentials Silver Plus Top Hospital Essentials 15/06/2019

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