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Simone Austin

Simone Austin

Accredited Practising Dietitian
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Refreshing summer snack ideas

Lifestyle — Posted 09/01/15

Keep your cool this summer with deliciously light warm-weather snacks. Dietitian Simone Austin shares some fresh ideas.

• Homemade ice blocks with berries mixed in

• Frozen mango and pineapple chunks

• A bunch of frozen grapes that will taste like sherbet

• Fruit skewers or melon balls

• Frozen yoghurt

• Frozen bananas with tips dipped in dark chocolate

• Cherry tomatoes and cucumber sticks with a fresh salsa or yoghurt raita 

• Strawberries in balsamic vinegar with a hint of mint

• Chilled tomato soup

• Platter of chilled roasted capsicum, tomato, eggplant, zucchini and olives

Anything that is based around fresh vegetables will be a great hit for your health. Vegetables can be more than just main meal food. Including them in your snacks will help meet the daily recommended target of five servings per day. Over summer we have a plentiful supply of fresh fruit. Eat like a rainbow – some red, purple and green if you can – with two servings per day. 

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