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Kate Berry

Kate Berry

Blogger at Lunchlady
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Flapjack recipe

Lifestyle — Posted 12/06/14

Lunchlady blogger Kate Berry shares her go-to easy lunch recipe.

This recipe is my version of the English flapjack. It is named for the exact reason you think it might be. It is my go-to after a heavy session of snooze button-pressing. I am also lucky the girls love it; in fact it is the current favourite. Win, win.

Makes: 16


80 g brown sugar
150 g butter (salted)
3 tablespoon of golden syrup (generous)
250 g rolled oats
pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds or whatever healthy thing you have to sprinkle on the top


1. Preheat oven to 180˚C

2. Get a square tin and line with baking paper. (The one I use is a 20cm one. But as long as it isn’t mega huge or super tiny I don’t think it is going to matter if it isn’t exactly the same size.)

3. Put the butter, brown sugar and golden syrup in to a saucepan. Melt all of this deliciousness together.

4. Once everything has melted, pop in your oats. Stir together until all mixed up and the oats are coated with sugary and buttery goodness.

5. Pop this mix in to the lined tin. Squash it down with your spoon (this stuff is hot) until it is nice and level and reaches the edges of your tin.

6. Sprinkle the seeds or whatever other yummy healthy things you have in the pantry on top (not too crazy, just a sprinkle). Put the tin with the mixture and sprinkles in to the oven for 25 mins.

Once golden brown pull it out and let it cool totally before cutting it up in to little bars of yumminess (you should get about 16).

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