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Brendan Sexton

Brendan Sexton

Olympic Triathlete
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What the pros can learn from amateur athletes

Experts — Posted 06/08/14

While we can learn a lot from our elite athletes, they too can benefit from us. Triathlete Brendan Sexton explains.

The discipline and determination of elite athletes is an inspiration to us all, but as Olympic triathlete Brendan Sexton points out, this can go both ways. “Observing some amateur athletes I’ve noticed some traits in them that are actually stronger than what some pros would have and it gives them an advantage,” he says.”

Levels of elite sport become a very mental game, and not taking things too seriously and learning to let go are traits Brendan believes professionals can adopt from amateur athletes. On the flip side, he says, the emphasis professional athletes place on recovery, where it becomes as important as the workout itself, is an area where amateur athletes can take a leaf out of the professional’s training diary.

Extra   We caught up with Brendan at the 2XU X:Level Training Camp, held at the AIS. Find out more lessons we learned there!
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