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Jess Trengove

Jess Trengove

Athlete and physiotherapist
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5 training tips from Olympic marathoner Jess Trengove

be. Running Guide — Posted 30/09/13

How does an Olympic runner prepare for a race? Jess Trengove shares how she works towards her personal best.

Australian runner and physiotherapist Jess Trengove achieved the Olympic marathon qualifying time during her first ever marathon race in Nagoya, Japan in 2012. Later that year, she represented Australia at the London Olympics.

Jess took a moment to chat with us about training, motivation and achieving your personal best.

Top five tips for runners

1. Be patient and build up your training slowly, no matter how good you feel!

2. Make some of your training social – meet up with others.

3. Be proactive with injury management.

4. Make sure there is some variety in your training.

5. Ensure you fuel your body well for recovery and performance.

What advice do you have to help people achieve their personal best?

Consider what you can do to optimise all aspects of your training, i.e. recovery, nutrition, mental preparation, goal setting, movement control and footwear. The quality of your running training and racing should naturally improve if these other factors are addressed well.

What are your interests outside of running?

I love travel and am fortunate to have seen some incredible locations around the world through my running experiences. Food is another love of mine and I make the most of any opportunity to out for breakfast and coffee after a training session, wander through a food market, visit a new restaurant or cook up a feast. Other interests include painting, getting active in the outdoors and spending time in the countryside where I grew up in south-eastern South Australia.

Get more great training tips and advice for reaching your personal best.

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