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Rebekah Keat

Rebekah Keat

Pro triathlete
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5 tips for triathlon success

Experts — Posted 17/02/15

Pro triathlete Bek Keat shares her winning secrets.

1. Have a plan. Create achievable goals and map out a training plan. It is easier to stick to a workout plan that is structured and regimented weekly.

2. Listen to your body. Be kind to yourself an be careful not to overdo it. Don’t feel guilty about taking a day off!

3. Focus only on yourself and your progress. Don’t get caught up with others around you wanting to do more.

4. Keep hydrating. Be sure to drink enough water and replenish electrolytes – that’s a litre an hour under normal conditions and up to 1.52 litres in hotter conditions.

5. Diet is key. Stick to a balanced diet, but load up on fruit and vegetables to fulfill your mineral requirements.

Check out Bek's top healthy eating tips and learn more about how she stays motivated.

Extra   Catch Bek at the inaugural Australian Triathlon, Endurance and Cycling Expo in Sydney this July.
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