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Medibank invests in the health of the next generation

Our focus on a healthier Australia is why we have committed to tackling one of the most serious public health problems of the 21st century: the growth of childhood obesity.

Childhood obesity rates are increasing at an alarming rate. The World Health Organisation estimates that there are more than 42 million overweight children under the age of 5. We know that overweight and obese children are likely to stay obese into adulthood and more likely to develop non-communicable diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases at a younger age.

The issue has clear and direct ramifications for our business, but it is our commitment to community that drives us to act. This is a whole-of-community problem. Childhood obesity presents a challenge that we are determined to confront as we work towards better health for the future. 

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation National Program

Partnering with the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation National Program is one of the ways we express our commitment towards fighting the growth of childhood obesity in the community. This school-based healthy living program is working from the ground up to educate children about the importance of healthy eating for a lifetime of better health.

Hear Stephanie Alexander talk about the aims of the Kitchen Garden Program.

Medibank Community Grants

The Medibank Community Grants program is one of the most important ways that Medibank works in partnership with local communities to support better health and wellbeing outcomes. Through the Medibank Community Fund, $500,000 is set aside by Medibank each year to fund health and wellbeing projects that help people help themselves to better health and wellbeing. 

For the past two years, Medibank has invited Australians to vote for the health project they believe will benefit the communities in which they live. In 2015, more than 13,000 people voted for 14 not-for-profit organisations and their health projects to receive a 2016 Medibank Community Grant. 

See the 2016 Medibank Community Grant winners below:

Western Australia

Ngurra Kujungka

Grant amount: $30,200

Western Desert Junior Sports League provides the opportunity for school aged children from across eight remote Indigenous communities to participate in a ‘structured’ sports competition – a first for most of them. Preparing for the league involves daily training, which increases the kids levels of physical activity and provides strong encouragement and motivation, while connecting them with a supportive community network.

Triathlon Western Australia

Grant amount: $20,000

TRYstars provides opportunities for kids aged 6-15 to develop fundamental movement, social and life skills in a safe, fun and supportive environment. The program teaches the basics of swimming, riding and running – skills essential for every Australian child to be active. Triathlon is a sport for life!

Lifting Horizons 

Grant amount: $50,000

Night Hoops program aims to give every kid access to safe, positive, and fun activities on weekend evenings. Hoping to build connected communities, Night Hoops teaches mutual respect through basketball, workshops and rewarding great behaviour. Their network of community volunteers work together to provide support to local kids and teens and keep them off the streets. 


The Treehouse Initiatve Inc

Grant amount: $50,000

Funding for the Treehouse Family Fitness Program helps children and families who face challenges to get active and have fun! The supportive network brings families into a safe environment where every child has the opportunity to ‘give it a go!’. As well as fitness, they’re focused on building friendships and providing counsel to one another through difficult times. 

Manly Dragon Boat Club

Grant amount: $42,861

Funding for the Manly Dragon Boat Club goes toward getting more teens active, more often, through the development of their junior squad – Manly Fire Breathers. Dragon boating is a great way for teens to enjoy exercise while developing new skills, confidence and friendships. Promoting positive body image and increased energy levels are further benefits of healthy lifestyles encouraged by their initiative. 

Carinbundi Kids

Grant amount: $8,000

Carinbundi Kids Sports and Rec Program encourages active living for kids through promoting mainstream sport, with a further focus to engage kids with disabilities. By developing relationships with a wide range of community sporting groups, Carinbundi Kids coaches participants in their chosen activity.

New South Wales/Australian Capital Territory

Sydeny North Health Network 

Grant amount: $27,000

Hornsby Healthy Kids are a team of inspiring local health experts setting out to promote healthy weight to children and adults, addressing the community’s major concern around wellbeing. Focusing on at-risk families, the team believe education that promotes the benefits of active play and healthy food choices is the key to change. Through this program, and specifically by demonstrating skills necessary to make healthy lifestyle choices, they aim to help parents and children live more prosperous, healthier lives. 

Sir Ericwood Memorial School

Grant amount: $50,000

The SEWS All Inclusive Playground program is a safe, accessible and interactive space of fun activities for young students of all abilities. SEWS supports youth with Autism, as well as severe intellectual and physical disabilities, providing a safe and inclusive environment. The ‘Let’s Get Active’ playground initiative aims to remove any barriers of play between students with varying levels of ability, their families, and students from other schools. Funding for SEWS will improve their playground infrastructure to make it safe and fun for everyone. 

Salvation Army

Grant amount: $23,000

Salvation Army’s ‘Street Dreams’ program is a dance, fitness and mentoring program for young Australians. The initiative aims to keep young people fit, active and inspired through free dance classes offered nationwide. Justice Crew are ambassadors for Street Dreams, and aspire to mentor and encourage participants to live to their full potential. 


Avondale Primary School 

Grant amount: $14,000

Avondale Primary School aims to promote fun, fit and healthy lifestyles for kids. ‘Go For It!’ is their initiative designed to get kids inspired and involved in local sporting clubs. By improving their school sporting oval, they can facilitate partnerships between local junior clubs, as well as provide a suitable ground for a variety of community activities.

Bicycles for Humanity 

Grant amount: $36,000

B4H Melbourne and Rumbalara are giving young local people an opportunity to connect with community while getting fit. Through their program ‘Bicycle Empowering Indigenous Youth’, Indigenous teens receive bicycles and learn to ride. This fun and fit activity helps to build important safety and technical skills, as well as self esteem, independence and improve general wellbeing. 

The Huddle

Grant amount: $50,000

Kanga’s First Kick is a clinic focused on providing young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds with their first taste of AFL football. It’s fun, free and a great example of our community coming together through sport, and aims to involve 600 girls and boys in 2016/17. 

South Australia/Tasmania/NT

Port Adelaide Football Club 

Grant amount: $50,000

The Empowering Youth Program is managed by the community arm of the Port Adelaide Football Club. The initiative supports youth ages 14 – 16 and aims to keep them physically active and socially engaged. The program empowers youth to make good choices through mentoring in leadership, respect, decision making, goal setting, managing finances, health and wellbeing, harm minimisation and – of course – sport. 

YMCA Launceston

Grant amount: $48,750

YMCA Launceston wants to provide local teenagers with the best community hangout possible. Their Friday ‘Hang Time’ initiative, focuses on keeping young people happy, healthy and active, with a big emphasis on fun. They offer activities such as rock climbing, bubble ball, team sports, crafts, dances – the options for teens are endless. 

Unfortunately the Northern Territory organisation who was shortlisted for public vote did not receive enough votes to receive a 2016 Medibank Community Grant.

See previous Medibank Community Grant winners below:

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