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Extras made simple: 4 things you need to know

Don’t get caught out on the details. Here are a few things you need to understand to get the most from your Extras cover.

  1. Annual limit

An annual limit is the total maximum amount you can claim on an item or service each year. Depending on your particular policy, you might have a separate limit for each type of service, or you might have different services grouped in a shared bucket.

In most cases, the limit applies per member, regardless of how many people are on one membership. Most annual limits are reset at the start of the year on 1 January, so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on how much you’ve got left throughout the year and make sure you’re getting the most value.

  1. Waiting periods

It’s important to be aware that when you first take up Extras cover, you may have to serve waiting periods. This is a period of time you need to wait before being able to claim money back on the cost of a service. The length of your waiting period depends on the types of services or items included on your cover.

“Most annual limits are reset on 1 January, so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on how much you’ve got left throughout the year.”

  1. Out of pocket costs (or gap)

These costs are the difference between the amount charged by a provider and the amount you’ll get back from us. This is also known as a ‘gap’.

  1. Members’ Choice providers

We have negotiated great deals for Medibank members at a wide range of health service providers around Australia.

Choosing a Members’ Choice provider for your Extras generally means that you’ll pay less in out-of-pockets costs than you would if you used a provider outside our network. The prices charged are capped, so you can find out how much you will have to pay upfront.

Make sure that you double check that you’ve chosen a Members’ Choice provider before making an appointment or having treatment. Find your nearest provider here.

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