Here are some tips for managing your condition, and how Medibank might be able to help.

Lung condition how your health condition can help

Many Australians suffer from chronic respiratory conditions, including Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and asthma. These conditions can certainly interfere with daily life --yet when they are actively managed, there is a much better chance of reducing symptoms and living a full life.

The good news is, if you have private health insurance, there are lots of ways you might be able to use your cover to help you manage your condition.

If you suffer from a chronic lung condition, here are some tips for managing your condition --and how Medibank might be able to help.

Visit your GP

Your first stop should always be your doctor, as they can assess your symptoms and can provide you with a referral if necessary.

If you suffer from asthma, your GP may talk you about having an action plan in place to help you stay on top of your symptoms when they first appear. An asthma action plan includes all the information you need to look after your condition, such as details of how to manage symptoms, how to recognise if your symptoms are getting worse, and gives you a clear strategy for how to handle an asthma emergency.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle

Being overweight can put extra strain on your lungs and adopting a healthy lifestyle can help you manage your condition.

Exercise will help you feel better and can have profound benefits on your overall health -- but remember to discuss your fitness plans with your doctor first. If you’re looking for fun social events to get your body moving, check out Medibank’s Free + Active. Medibank members also get access to our Member Offers for great deals such as discounted gym entry.

Eating a well-balanced diet it also important. You can visit Medibank’s Live Better for lots of expert healthy eating advice and delicious healthy recipe ideas.

Get expert health advice

All Medibank members with hospital cover can call the 24/7 Health Advice Line on 1800 644 325 to speak to a Medibank nurse. Our experienced nurses can answer any questions you have about your condition and managing your health in general. OSHC members can contact the Student Health and Support Line on 1800 887 283.

Do you need to go to hospital?

Complications from a chronic lung condition could lead to hospitalisation. If you end up going to hospital for surgery or a procedure, make sure you’re fully informed before you go.

Before you commit to a specialist or procedure, ask your doctor any questions you might have. And if you’re a Medibank member, it’s always a good idea to call us on 132 331. We can help you understand what out-of-pocket costs you are likely to encounter, and what you can expect from your hospital stay.

Medibank’s LiveBetter is also a valuable resource to prepare you for your hospital admission. You can look up what you might pay out-of-pocket and how health insurance could help manage the costs using our interactive tool. And you can get lots of practical information and advice from our going to hospital guide.

For more information, or to check that you have the best cover for your condition, talk to our team on 134 190 or chat to our friendly staff online 24/7 for advice and help with your health cover.