Live Better

Who are the healthiest voters in Australia?

A correlation between political party and health?

What does your voting preference say about your health?

We asked the Medibank Better Health Index

With the Australian federal election drawing closer, we used data from the Medibank Better Health Index to determine our healthiest voters.

The Medibank Better Health Index is Australia’s most comprehensive quarterly health survey and is based on seven health areas: nutrition, fitness, BMI, medical health, mental health, smoking and alcohol. When combined, these seven areas make up an overall Health Index Score.

What we found

According to the Index, people who vote greens are in the best health, with an average overall health score of 104.33.

Liberal/National Party voters came in next with a score of 102.56, followed by Australian Labour Party voters with a score of 100.36.

Does the state or territory you live in impact your health? We reveal where the healthiest Australians live.

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