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Medibank trialling haemodialysis in the home

Medibank at Home is trialling haemodialysis services to increase choice and convenience for our members with chronic kidney disease.

Man on dialysis machine playing cards with his daughter

Typically, Medibank members who require haemodialysis spend an average of four to six hours in hospital for dialysis treatment, three to four times each week. It’s not difficult to imagine the burden this puts on patients and their carers.

What is haemodialysis?

Haemodialysis uses an artificial kidney machine (or ‘dialysis machine’) to receive blood from a patient, put it through a dialyser to remove unwanted waste and then pumps it back to the patient. Basically, it is cleaning the patient’s blood, similarly to how a healthy kidney would.

Giving members more choice

We are exploring ways to provide our members with more options, including the flexibility to choose haemodialysis in the comfort and familiar surroundings of home, where their treating doctor considers it appropriate.

How Medibank at Home’s haemodialysis trial works

A two year pilot program commenced in April 2018 in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

To take part, members must have hospital insurance that pays benefits towards dialysis services and have approval from their treating doctor. Medibank funds the service, which is delivered by Dialysis Australia Nursing Services, a qualified and experienced provider of home-based haemodialysis.

A view to expand

While this program is only in trial at the moment, we’re hoping that positive results will lead to a national roll-out, providing Medibank members with chronic kidney disease the choice to receive care where they most want it.

Not only will it give members more choice, it will also support a more sustainable healthcare system. Delivering dialysis in the home will free up services and resources in hospitals, helping to build capacity and manage growing demand.

To find out more about the trial, including if you are eligible, call the Medibank at Home team on 1300 733 338 between 9am and 4pm AEST, or email

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