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Australia has some of the world’s best health researchers--and when it comes to the quality and productivity of health research, Medibank punches well above its weight.

Medibank has highlighted a selection of partnerships and projects that showcase its ability to bring research to life in the new report, Health Research at Medibank.

Dr Linda Swan says that Medibank is committed to delivering Better Health for Better Lives and our support of health and medical research through working with leading institutions will improve knowledge, health outcomes and patient experiences for our customers and all Australians.

“This year Medibank jointly initiated the development of a National Osteoarthritis Strategy to address this challenge and reduce the burden of the condition,” she said.

“Osteoarthritis is the most common chronic joint disease, affecting over two million Australians, yet 57% of people with the condition are not receiving appropriate care and 70% of osteoarthritis is preventable.”

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In February this year, Medibank established the Medibank Mental Health and Wellbeing Fund to support the 45% of Australians with mental health conditions.

Dr Linda Swan said the initial focus is on the wellbeing of former Defence personnel and their families through preventative initiatives, awareness and education.

“Research has looked to improving adaptive coping skills of returned service personnel with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. With the high rates of untreated behavioural health needs among veterans and their families, this work is vital for supporting returned-service personnel and their families.”

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Dr Swan said that Medibank has continued its strong partnership with the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation.

“We are now expanding to work with Melbourne University on a study that is looking at how the program has impacted the eating habits and attitudes to food of young adults who have participated.”

Learn more about Medibank’s partnership with Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation.

The Health Research at Medibank report also showcases some Medibank-led programs based on extensive research with the supervisory support of academics to bring evidence-based programs, like Care First into general practice.

“It is exciting times for Medibank and our health research partners, with some promising research undertaken and some great results,” said Dr Swan.

“I’m looking forward to continuing to work with our partners towards our shared goal of better health for better lives.”

Read the Health Research at Medibank report here

Written by Medibank

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