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Sugary drinks: how much are we actually drinking?

We look at how much soft drink, cordial and flavoured milk Australians drink each week.

Written by Editor Medibank

With all of the talk about sugary drinks, we decided to take a look at Medibank Better Health Index to find out how much soft drink, cordial and flavoured milk Australians are actually drinking.

Soft drink is the most popular sugary beverage

Medibank Better Health Index data reveals that soft drinks are the most popular sugary beverage, with the average person1 drinking more than five glasses per week. And with one regular 600ml bottle of soft drink containing 16 teaspoons of sugar, that's a lot of sugar.

Men are drinking the most

Overall, it's men who are drinking the most sugary drinks per week, especially when it comes to favoured milk.

Want to kick the soft drink habit? Here are 6 fun and fruity soft drink alternatives that will satisfy your sugar craving.

1 Of those who consume sugary drinks

Written by Editor Medibank

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