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Tackling the rising rate of chronic conditions with care

Support for Australians living with chronic health conditions.

Australia has one of the best health systems in the world. But the system is under pressure as a result of an ageing population, a growing prevalence of chronic health conditions, and the ever increasing costs of new technologies.

Tackling these big and complex issues requires us to focus—not just on reducing waste and lowering costs—but on our ultimate goal of improving the health of individuals.

Here is how Medibank is positively influencing healthcare in Australia, and improving the individual health journey for Australians with chronic conditions.

Care for Australians

Medibank has already initiated a number of programs that are supporting thousands of Australians living with chronic and complex conditions.

Through the initial pilots and roll out of the programs, we have already worked with more than 1,400 GP clinics and 2,600 GPs to deliver CareComplete to around 5,500 patients.

We already have some great stories emerging from CareComplete, and I’m looking forward to sharing these as we roll out the programs more broadly, and work with governments and others to fund them within their communities.
Read more about the state of chronic health conditions in Australia. 

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