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Mental health services in Australia

Where to get support while you're living in Australia

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700,000 Australians now living with cataracts

New Medibank data reveals a rise in cataracts.

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Health Insights

Rare and expensive procedures revealed

What’s a whipple procedure, and how much does it cost? Read more

Healthy Living

Healthy poo

Do you know your poo? Read more

Health Check

Can you really break your penis?

The rumours are true - you can break your penis. Read more

Healthy Living

Protecting your eyes while studying

Do you suffer from Computer Vision Syndrome? Read more

Introducing Mind, body, community

When it comes to health, everything is connected. Learn more about the importance of looking after your mind, body and community.

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Join the community: can group exercise improve your mental wellbeing?

Group exercise keeps us motivated, committed and connected

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The physical effects of loneliness

Could loneliness be making you sick?

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Health Insights Tool

Do you live an active life?
 See how you compare against 
other Aussies with our free health insights tool.

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Health conditions

From cancer and chronic conditions, to the common cold.

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Introducing the Medibank Better Health Index

Australia’s most comprehensive quarterly health survey.

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Tonsillectomy: is it worth the risk?

What are the risks involved when you get your tonsils out?

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Cervical Screening: What do your results mean?

Our guide to interpreting your cervical screening results

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Are you guilty of skipping your cervical screening?

Your need to know about the new cervical screening test

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