Going to hospital

Everything you need to know about common procedures, going to hospital and using your cover

Heart procedures

Pacemakers, coronary angiogram and coronary angioplasty

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Bone and joint procedures

Preparing and recovering from joint replacement surgery

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Digestive, reproductive and weight loss procedures

Colonoscopies, gastroscopy and weight loss procedures explained.

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This week's features

Midwife, obstetrician or shared care?

Knowing your options when it comes to pregnancy and birth

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Caring for your hearing and your health

1 in 6 Australians experience some degree of hearing loss.

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Health Check

Not all headaches are created equal

Common headache types and what do about them Read more

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Suffering from a sore back?

Tips for preventing and managing back pain Read more

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Weight loss procedures

How do they work and who is suitable for them? Read more

Having trouble quitting?

Help at hand this World No Tobacco Day

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Bowel cancer: Never too young

A young mother shares her story

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Introducing the Medibank Better Health Index

Australia’s most comprehensive quarterly health survey.

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