5 healthy soup recipes for the cooler months

A hearty soup is the perfect winter go-to. Here are five of our favourites to warm you up.

Written by Editor Medibank

With the right ingredients soup can be a nourishing, immunity-boosting meal during the cooler months. Click on the name of the soup to view the full recipe and cooking instructions.


1. Butternut pumpkin and parsnip soup recipe

A rich and creamy pumpkin soup, infused with a blend of cumin, paprika and chives.

Pumpkin and parsnip soup

2. Chicken, lemon, and dill soup recipe

Warm up with a soothing, comforting chicken soup.

Chicken, lemon and dill soup

3. Lamb shank and vegetable soup recipe

This heart soup beckons with bursts of fresh vegetables.

Lamb shank and vegetable soup

4. Vietnamese Pho soup recipe

A fresh, healthy Vietnamese Pho recipe you can make at home.

Vietnamese pho soup

5. Vegetarian laksa recipe

Fill up on colourful winter veggies in a light, creamy laksa.

Vegetarian laksa
Written by Editor Medibank

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