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Pool to pavement: Mack Horton on fitness success

The Olympic swimming champion shares his best tips for staying in fighting form.

Olympic gold-winning freestyler Mack Horton likes to keep moving when he’s not in the pool. In particular, he loves the feeling of his feet hitting the pavement. Now, he’s sharing his passion for running as an ambassador for this year’s City2Sea, coming up in his hometown of Melbourne this November.

We asked Mack about his training and top tips for success.

You’re best known as a swimmer – how has running become a part of your life?

Running has always been a part of my fitness program and I’ve also found it’s been a great cross-training activity away from the pool. My girlfriend Ella is a runner, so it’s something that we can also do together.

What different types of fitness come into play in the pool and on the pavement?

Swimming doesn’t put any load on the body. In that sense, is a great activity for off-legs conditioning as it’s purely targeting and building my aerobic capacity.

“My best advice is the five Ps: Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance.”

You’re a middle to long distance swimmer – how well do you feel running longer distances?

Aerobically, I can handle running the longer distances as I’m typically running anywhere between five and eight kilometres if I’m incorporating running as part of my training. I’m usually guided by how my legs feel – it’s fine if the legs can handle it. Nearly all of my longer distance work is done in the pool.

Top advice people looking to achieve their personal best at this year’s City2Sea?

The five Ps: Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance.

It’s been a big year of travel for you. What are you looking forward to most about coming home to Melbourne for this event?

I’m looking forward to fact that I’ve strategically bypassed the Melbourne winter and we’re now getting into Melbourne spring. The weather is pretty much perfect at this time of year for getting out, getting active and also seeing the best of what Melbourne has to offer.

City2Sea takes place on Sunday 20 November, 2016 in Melbourne.

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