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Going back to the sports of our youth.

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After over a decade away from the pitch, Trent re-joined his old boys’ cricket side to enhance his health and fitness.

Deciding to pull the whites back on was a decision requiring the support of his young family – and plenty of stretching. With those boxes ticked, Trent shares how playing cricket over the summer impacted his life in many positive ways.

How would you describe yourself?

I’m 35 years old, married to Sally and we have two children, Ryder, four and a half and Scarlet who is nearly two. I’m a sales manager for a large media company and also do contract work after hours mentoring sales consultants. We live a busy lifestyle with lots of social commitments and a full calendar of kids’ activities.

How would you describe your health pre-cricket?

Prior to starting back at cricket I was well overweight at 84kgs. I wasn’t walking or exercising in any way – in fact I was doing nothing and felt terrible for it. I would come home from work and drink a bottle of wine most nights and continue working. As a result I also struggled with sleeping and had low energy levels.

What sports did you play growing up?

Throughout school I played cricket during the summer and footy in winter. I would also squeeze in a game of golf and tennis most weekends. I don’t tell too many people this but I also played mixed netball for seven years.

How long since you played any team sports?

My last year of a competitive team sport would have been when I was 22 when I played footy for a couple of seasons locally. Aside from this, due to work commitments and family, I never had or made the time. I would always just be a ‘fill in’ every now and again.

Why did you decide to take up cricket this season?

There were a number of reasons.

  • The social aspect and being with my mates.
  • I know physically I won’t be able to play forever so I wanted to get back involved before it was too late.
  • I wanted my kids to see me play and for them to also be actively involved in sports.

What did you need to do to make it happen?

The support of my wife! I could not do it without her. It’s a pretty big commitment, with three hours training on a Thursday night and 11 am to 6.30 pm on a Saturday.

Sally understood how much I wanted to do this and knew it was going to be a big commitment. Not only does she work three days and have the kids on the other two days, she now has them on her own all day Saturday.

I try making it up to her by letting her have a sleep in on Sundays. I always make her a cooked breakfast and take the kids so she can have some time to herself.

How have you found the experience returning to sport?

Over the last three or four months I have met some sensational people and made some really great friends. I loved getting the competitive juices flowing, the hunger to improve and do better.

I find myself thinking about cricket all week; I’m like a little kid on Saturday morning and just can’t wait to get to the game. The drive, energy and adrenaline I get from this are like nothing else.

My parents have also been coming down to watch me play, which they have loved. Again it provokes many childhood memories, which just make me feel younger in general.

Have the skills returned?

The short answer is yes, however, it did take some time. I started with one, duck, duck and have since made a 40 (not out) and 39. The team has won seven out of eight games. So there is pressure on positions, which makes it more important to perform and adds another level of excitement to playing.

What impact has it had on your health?

Being active and playing a team sport has turned everything around for me.

1. I have lost 8 kg in 12 weeks from simply living a healthier lifestyle.

2. I have more energy for the kids and my wife.

3. I’m so much happier that I’m meeting people and spending time with friends.

4. I’m not drinking as much and feel like I’m eating better.

5. I’m sleeping better than I have in years.

6. I also find I’m concentrating better at work and getting much more done.

7. I feel I’m dealing with work pressures and stresses much better.

Written by Medibank

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