How your premiums are calculated

Your premium is how much you have to pay towards your Medibank membership for a specified period of cover.

Private health insurance is community rated. This means that every person is entitled to buy the same health insurance products or renew the same products for the same price as any other person, regardless of any medical condition(s).

However, there are several additional factors that determine how much you pay, like:

  • Australian Government Rebate (AGR)
  • Lifetime Health Cover loading (LHC)
  • Young Adult Discount
  • Your state of residence
  • Hospital excess
  • Your type of cover. 


Factors that can affect your premium

Variations in payments

When you’re a new member, it’s not unusual for your first payment or payments to be irregular. There’s a few reasons for this, all of them involving adjustments and pro rata payments:


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