Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Medibank publishing this information?

Our members have been asking us a lot of questions about what’s a good hospital for them and what should they be looking for. Going to hospital isn’t an everyday experience and it can often be daunting, so it’s not surprising that our members want greater transparency and help navigating the healthcare system.

You’re able to see information about what people thought of their hospital experience - how staff interacted with them, how clearly they received advice about their medicine, their care while they were in hospital, the quietness and cleanliness of the hospital and how they were discharged when going home.

The release of this information is part of our commitment to increasing transparency around health insurance and the healthcare system. It follows the launch earlier this year of our Procedure Cost Estimator and the addition of out-of-pocket information for more than 14,000 specialists to our Find a Provider tool.

With more Australians going to hospital than ever before, we want to provide peace of mind and help them make the right choices for themselves and their loved ones by being more informed.