Support them for longer

Every parent wants to nurture their child’s potential and to better support our families, we’ve increased the maximum age for Student Dependants and Adult Dependants. They may no longer be kids but you can still look after them.


Keeping your family together for longer 

We've increased the maximum age for eligible Dependants from 24 to 30. This means that adult children could be added onto or remain on eligible¹ family (or single parent) covers until their 31st birthday, as long as they're not married or living in a de facto relationship. They may no longer be kids, but you can still look after them.

Eligible Dependants can be included in most of our family and single parent covers. Eligible Dependants include:

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Child Dependants

A Child Dependant can be included on their parent or guardian's health insurance until they turn 21, provided they are not married or in a de facto relationship.


Student Dependants

A Student Dependant can remain or be added to their parent or guardian’s health insurance if they are single, aged between 21 and 30 (inclusive) and are studying full time at an Australian Educational Institute.


Adult Dependants

Adult Dependants are between 21 and 30 (inclusive), aren’t studying full time and are not married or in a de facto relationship. They may remain on or be added to eligible¹ family or single parent cover, although please be aware that this will increase the price of the policy.

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Things to consider

Things you should know

¹ Adult Dependants may only remain on or be added to select family and single parent covers. If you are not an eligible family cover, you may need to change to one that is. 
² To be eligible a young adult will have to have their own policy or a policy with their partner, they can't be a Dependant on their parents' policy. If they are on a couple or family policy, the discount is calculated by taking an average of the discount applied to the adults on the hospital cover. So, if one person has a 10% discount and their partner has no discount, or 0%, the discount applied is 5% overall.