Understanding Lifetime Health Cover Loading

Turning 31? It’s time to learn about lifetime health cover.

What is LHC?

The Lifetime Health Cover (LHC) loading is an Australian Government initiative. It’s been designed to encourage more people to take out hospital cover sooner rather than later and help ease the reliance on the public system.

How does it work?

If you don’t have hospital cover by 1 July following your 31st birthday and choose to take it out later in life, a loading of 2% will be added to your hospital cover premium for each year you were aged over 30 without it.

Important information you need to know

Does the LHC apply to everyone?

Some people may be exempt from the LHC loading including new migrants who have been registered for full Medicare benefits for less than 12 months, Department of Veterans' Affairs Gold Card holders and members of the Australian Defence Force. People born on or before 1 July 1934 also don't have to pay a LHC loading.

To find out more about who is exempt you can visit the the government's private health website.

If you think you might qualify for an LHC exemption, you can apply using the LHC exemption form.

We've done the calculations for you

Check out the table below to see what your LHC loading might be if you take out hospital cover after 1 July following your 31st birthday. As you can see, the longer you wait to take out hospital cover, the more the premium will increase. The maximum LHC loading is 70%.

Age % LHC Loading How much extra you could pay per year*
31 years old** 2% $20
32 years old 4% $40
33 years old 6% $60
34 years old 8% $80
35 years old 10% $100
36 years old 12% $120
37 years old 14% $140
38 years old 16% $160
39 years old 18% $180
40 years old 20% $200

* An example premium based on hospital cover that costs around $1,000 per year.
** After 1 July following your 31st birthday.

Choosing hospital cover for your needs?

Here's a taste of what we can offer.

Prices below are based on

This is used to calculate any Australian Government Rebate (AGR) you may be entitled to.If you’re unsure how to calculate your income, this ATO calculator can help.

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Medibank Basic Plus Healthy Start


Youth Discount applied

Youth Discount not available

Hospital Cover designed to meet the needs of the young and healthy. Includes procedures for joint reconstructions (things like knees and shoulders), dental surgery and hernia and appendix.

View details


  • Everything in Basic tier
  • Plus joint reconstructions
  • Plus hernia and appendix
  • Plus dental surgery

    and more...

Medibank Bronze Plus Progress


Youth Discount applied

Youth Discount not available

Hospital cover that includes a wide range of common procedures, including back, neck & spine and chemotherapy.

View details


  • Everything in Bronze tier, including:
    • Bone, joint and muscle
    • Chemotherapy
  • Plus back, neck and spine
  • Plus lung and chest

        and more...

Medibank Gold Complete


Youth Discount applied

Youth Discount not available

From pregnancy and birth to psychiatric services and heart and vascular procedures, this hospital cover will give you the confidence of knowing you'll be looked after, no matter what.

View details


  • Gold tier, including:
    • Heart and vascular system
    • Bone, joint and muscle
    • Pregnancy & assisted reproductive
    • Joint replacements
    • In-hospital psychiatric services

               and more...

The amount you pay before Medibank contributes to your hospital costs.

Still not convinced?

Icon ambulance

Unlimited Emergency Ambulance

No matter which hospital or extras policy you choose, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your cover includes unlimited emergency ambulance.²

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Accident Cover Boost

Medibank members with hospital cover are eligible for benefits of gold level cover if they have an Accident in Australia after joining, thanks to our Accidental Injury Benefit.¹

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24/7 Nurse and Mental Health Phone Support

Eligible members with hospital cover can talk to a qualified nurse or mental health professional over the phone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at no extra cost.³

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One of the largest health provider networks in Australia

We’ll help you make the most of your cover, with access to more than 470 Members’ Choice hospitals and more than 17,000 Members’ Choice extras provider locations.

Things you should know 

¹ For Accidents that occur in Australia after your cover starts.  Must seek medical treatment within 7 days, and receive hospital treatment within 12 months, of the Accident occurring.  Excludes claims covered by third parties and our Private Room Promise. Out-of-pocket expenses may apply.  

² Waiting periods apply. For ambulance attendance or transportation to a hospital where immediate medical attention is required and your condition is such that you couldn't be transported any other way. Tas and Qld have State schemes that provide ambulance servies for residents of those States. 

³ 24/7 Medibank Nurse and Mental Health phone support is available to all eligible Medibank members who hold hospital cover. OSHC members should call the Student Health & Support Line on 1800 887 283

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