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9 things you could do with money saved on coffee

Lifestyle — Posted 12/02/14

If you usually buy one cup of coffee a day, you could save around $108.80 by giving it up for 28 days. What would you spend that money on?

Coffee is one of the biggest ‘money leaks’ in most people’s budget. With the average cost of a cup of away-from-home, espresso-based coffee rising to $3.86, it’s easy to spend more in a week than you realise. If you took on the FebFast caffeine challenge and gave up your daily coffee for just a month, that’s over $100 you could save – or more, if you would usually have a few cups!

To keep you motivated when you’re craving the beans, think about that extra cash and what you might spend it on. Here are some ideas we like the sound of…

1. Have a gourmet picnic

Buy the nice cheese, the fancy breadsticks and an assortment of delicious antipasti and head down to the beach, the park or the botanical gardens. You could probably even spring for a new picnic rug to make the day even nicer! Check out our video guide to packing the perfect picnic for inspiration. 

2. Get active outside

Take a kiteboarding lesson down at the beach, learn to surf like a pro, try rock climbing or abseiling, or hire some mountain bikes and hit one of your state’s most beautiful bushland tracks. 

3. Spend the day at an amusement park

Gather up the kids or some mates and ride the rollercoaster until you’re giddy. $50 gets you an unlimited rides pass at Luna Park, and there are good family deals.

4. Surprise a loved one

Bring them a bunch of gorgeous flowers, take them out for a fancy dinner, or treat them to that gadget, bag or DVD boxed set they’ve had their eye on. After all, science says happiness is love!

5. Give it to charity

Make a donation to a cause you care about and get instant karma – the feel-good vibes of making a positive difference to the world are way better than a coffee rush!

6. Have a luxury movie experience

Treat yourself to Gold Class tickets and see a movie the way it was meant to be watched – lounging back in a comfortable chair, with some delicious food. Or take advantage of the last stages of summer at an outdoor cinema and enjoy a movie picnic under the stars. 

7. Relax at a day spa

Indulge in a facial, a massage or whatever special treatment gets you feeling the most relaxed and rejuvenated – you deserve it! 

8. Plan a weekend away

Your coffee money probably won't cover all the costs, but it could make a good start. Think about where you’d like to go, check out deals on accommodation and put your money towards a relaxing retreat. Check out our list of top summer weekend getaways for ideas. 

9. Visit the zoo

Be inspired by majestic animals and enjoy a day walking around in the sun with your friends or family. Better yet, head out to an open-range sanctuary like Melbourne's Werribee Open Range Zoo.

Extra   Still want a few more ideas? See our list of things to spend money on instead of alcohol.
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