Things worth knowing

About your membership with us
Do you have a ‘cooling-off' period?

If you join but then decide you'd like to either cancel your membership or move to another cover, we have what is known as a ‘cooling-off' period. This also applies if you're already a member and have recently changed your cover. As long as you tell us within 30 days of your cover commencing, and no claims have been made against your cover there's no problem. We can either transfer you to a more suitable cover or refund your premium in full. If you close your membership after the cooling-off period we will refund any unused premium less an administration fee.

How often should I review my cover?

You may have different health needs at different stages of your life, so it makes sense to review your health cover regularly. This is especially important if your situation changes. For example, if you are granted permanent residency, if you're planning to start a family, the kids have grown up or either you or someone in your family has developed a health issue. Whatever your situation, it's a good idea to call us to discuss your options on 134 190 or drop into one of our stores.

What's the difference between a member, a membership and a policy holder?

There are three terms we use when we're talking about membership: member, membership and policy holder. As a starting point, it's good to be clear on all three. A member is simply any person covered under a Medibank membership.

A membership is made up of one or more members and can consist of:

  • Just one person (single membership)
  • A couple membership which covers you (the policy holder) and your partner
  • Family membership, which covers you (the policy holder) and your partner and

                        - any of your child dependants and/or

                        - any of your student dependants

The term policy holder refers to the person who ‘owns' the membership. This is the person we contact when we need to communicate important information.

Can my partner manage my membership too?

Although you as the policy holder ‘own' the membership, your partner (if he or she is also covered by the same membership) can automatically manage most aspects of the membership too, including: making claims, adding or removing dependants, changing cover, suspending the membership and changing contact and bank account details. However, as the policy holder you're the only one who can remove yourself from the membership or cancel the membership. It's important to be aware that this means we may disclose registered membership details to both of you. If at any time you want to be the only person who can manage the membership or you require further information about the handling of personal information, please call us on 134 190.

If I transfer to Medibank from another Australian private health insurer, am I covered immediately?

You'll be covered for services on your new cover from the date you join if: those services were also included on your cover with your former health insurer, you join us within two months of leaving your former health insurer and you've already served the applicable waiting periods. So although we'll recognise any waiting periods you've served with your former fund, if you haven't fully served the applicable waiting periods with your former health insurer, you'll need to serve the balance before you're eligible for benefits. Additional waiting periods may also apply if you've switched to a higher level of cover with Medibank or if you wait more than two months after leaving your former fund before you join Medibank. Find out more about waiting periods.

Any loyalty bonus or other similar entitlements built up with your former fund (eg. orthodontic entitlements) will not transfer to Medibank.

If you transfer to Medibank or to another Medibank cover, any benefits that may have been paid under your previous cover will be taken into account in determining the benefits payable under your new cover.

What if I want to add my partner to my single membership?

It's easy to change from a single to a couple membership, but you should be aware that higher premiums apply to a couple membership and waiting periods may apply to your partner. To add your partner to your membership, contact us

Can I add a dependent child to my membership?

If you're on a single membership:

To add a dependent child to your membership you'll need to change from a single to a family membership. If you do this within two months of the date of their birth or date of inclusion in your family unit (for example, through marriage, adoption or fostering) your child won't have to serve any additional waiting periods. The change will be backdated to the date of birth or inclusion in your family unit. Also, this change of membership means you'll pay higher premiums.

If you're on a couple or family membership:

You can add a dependent child to your membership at any time and they won't need to serve any waiting periods already served on the membership. Depending on the cover you hold, you may have to pay additional premiums.

What if I want more information on adding a dependent child?

Call us on 134 190.

What happens if my newborn baby needs hospital treatment?

When a newborn baby is in hospital with its mother, no accommodation charges apply for the baby unless the baby becomes an admitted patient in their own right.

This happens when the baby requires admission to a neo-natal intensive care unit or it is the second or later child of a multiple birth. If your baby is admitted to hospital, please call us on 134 190.

If I have children, how long can they be insured on my cover?

As your children grow older they may still remain on your family policy until they turn 21 or, if they are classified as a Student Dependant or Adult Dependant, until they turn 31, provided they're not married or in a de facto relationship. Adult Dependants may be able to be added to your policy for an additional cost.