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What do you love about yoga?

We asked what yoga does for our community members - we were inspired by what we heard.

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We asked: What do you love about practising yoga?

“You leave the world outside the four corners of your mat and just feel the simple wonder of your body as you move.”

– Angela, @angekudra

“It helps me focus and set my intention for the day.”

– Katie, @kt_eleanor

“Yoga is great for the mind and body. Been practicing for almost 7 years now. It has improved my posture and health, helped me keep fit while pregnant and will help me get fit again (safely) post pregnancy! And will fix my sore nursing back and neck.”

– Alison, @alisonaroberts

“Learning the discipline to calm my mind and my breath in #bikramyoga in order to actually get through a class sane was the ultimate lesson for me. I never thought it would hold the bonus of making me sleep through eight hours a night peacefully too. Game-changing.”

– Gemma, @gemmasimons

“The journey it takes you on to improving everything about your life, not just your practice.”

– Kylie, @innerfire_yoga

“Sweating all the bad stuff out and breathing all the good stuff in!!!”

– Tara, @teaklet

“Starting from the absolute beginning and enjoying being present, that’s a work in progress.”

– David, @dwfindlay

“Grounding… And meeting new people!”

– Amy, @naturallyjoyous

“The possibility to not just stretch our body but to stretch our mind too…pushing the limits…and feel awesome about ourselves.”

– Anna, @annaannannie

“The ability to know that my breathing is the foundation to my ability to control my mind and emotions during difficult times both on the yoga mat and off the mat in life.”

–Ali, @ali_bahmad

“I love that my journey with yoga will never end. It’s a never ending path of self-discovery.”

– Caterina, @caterinaboutagy

“No better way to tune into yourself, the rhythm of the cosmos and connect to your fellow humans.”

– Shawn, @shaantibot

“It makes me feel alive (not just living).”

– Amy, @astonehenge

“The insight, the perspective and the ability to see beauty even in the suffering. Being grounded and on a high all at the same time. Clearing space when it appears there is none. Just plain, having some fun!”

– Acacia, @acaciagrant

“Finding a little peace for yourself no matter what is going on outside of the studio.”

– Robyn, @barrittrc

“I feel at home, even when I am away travelling the world.”

– Michelle, @michelleyspix

“The grounding, the workout, the compassion toward others and myself, the people I meet, the challenges I face, the challenges I am able to overcome with a new mentality… Everything really.”

– Jehan, @_japastani

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