Using Your Cover

What is Extras cover?

Extras can help with the costs of your glasses and more. Read more

Are you getting the most from your Extras cover?

Get better value on dental, optical, physio and more. 

Extras explained

Using Your Cover

How to get more from your Extras

Handy hints to help you get your money’s worth. Read more

Using Your Cover

Get better value by choosing Members’ Choice

Our Members’ Choice network to help you get extra value. Read more


What are ‘out-of-pocket’ costs?

What they are and what you can do to reduce them. Read more


7 signs it’s time to see the dentist

Nobody wants to go. But there are good reasons to – promise. Read more

Time to see the dentist?

Here’s how Extras insurance can help with your dental costs.

Get more from dental


7 flossing tips

Easy tips for better dental health. Read more


Looking after your teeth during pregnancy

What to expect from your teeth when you’re expecting. Read more


How to choose the best glasses for your face

Your pretty face deserves the best style. Read more

Do you need new glasses?

Here’s how to get value on glasses, contacts and more.

Better value on optical


How to care for contact lenses

Tips from prevention to long-term solutions. Read more


6 ways to prevent eye problems

The Eye Foundation tips for caring for your eyes. Read more


Is it time for reading glasses?

What is presbyopia and how can we treat it? Read more

Why see a physiotherapist?

Get your body moving better – here’s how a physio can help.

All about physio


5 ways to treat sports injuries

Injury treatment guidelines from Kara Demmrich. Read more


Why exercise recovery hurts – and what helps

Professor David Cameron-Smith explains the science of post-workout soreness. Read more


Recovering from injury

Tips on dealing with injuries. Read more

Health Insights

What are Australians really eating?

We delve into the data on Aussie eating habits Read more

Diet advice you can trust

Here’s how a dietitian can help you achieve your health goals.

Better nutrition


A guide to good guts

It's important to feed healthy gut bacteria well. Read more


The Paleo diet: pros and cons

Adapting the diet to suit your body and its needs. Read more


7 nutrition trends – and what dietitians really think

Advice from dietitians on 7 nutrition trends. Read more

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