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Health Concierge: support when it’s needed most

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Going to hospital or starting medical treatment can be a stressful time – that’s why Medibank has introduced Health Concierge.

Health Concierge provides personalised health support to help eligible members prepare for, or recover from, a hospital stay or treatment.

The service aims to help take the stress out of an ongoing condition, or an upcoming hospital stay. It starts with a call from a Health Concierge – skilled in providing exceptional support to people in a range of circumstances – who can assess your circumstances and offer support that best suits your needs.

If you need clinical advice, the service can connect you to Medibank’s 24/7 Health Advice Line, or link you to services in the community and other Medibank programs. It can also provide practical tools and resources to help you manage your health day-to-day. And depending on the situation, the Concierge may follow up down the track to ensure you remain supported.

So far over 15,000 members have benefited from Health Concierge.

Personalised support for members

Rebecca Bell, Medibank’s Member Health General Manager, said Health Concierge takes what Medibank is learning about its members – and the support they need — and does things people may not expect from a large health insurer.

“A Health Concierge is a relatively new role in health care – in particular the Australian health care environment. And our Health Concierges bring with them a variety of professional experiences from nursing, allied health and midwifery,” she said.

Rebecca Bell said the service allows Medibank to assist these members to navigate the healthcare system and give them general information about what to expect in relation to their hospital admission, surgery and recovery.

“If a member is going to hospital or has high health care needs, we may call to make sure they are fully prepared and informed about their treatment and recovery options,” she said.

Who can access Health Concierge?

Right now, Health Concierge can offer support to Medibank members who are:

  • undergoing a ‘Total Hip’ or ‘Total Knee’ replacement
  • undergoing certain procedures for the treatment of coronary heart disease
  • using their cover to have a baby
  • men undergoing treatment for prostate cancer and women undergoing treatment for breast cancer
  • having major surgery, such as cataracts, major vascular procedures and more and have been a member with hospital cover for 10 years or more.

Keen to understand more?

If you are a Medibank member and want to learn more about Health Concierge you can chat with our in-store team today or call 13 23 31

For tips to help you with your hospital stay see here

Written by Medibank

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