Are you managing your health as well as you could be?

Managing your condition_checklist

Use this checklist to see if you are managing your health as well as you could be.

  • I understand how my condition effects my body and health.
  • I know what treatment options are available.
  • I have a care plan that I helped develop and review.
  • I am taking active steps to prevent complications and improve my overall health and wellbeing.
  • I know how to manage my condition to minimise its effect on my physical, mental and emotional health and my relationships with friends and family.
  • I know what signs and symptoms to look out for when I’m experiencing a flare-up and what to do if they occur.
  • I know what things might hold me back from managing my condition as well as I could and I have strategies to deal with them.
  • I have access to the services I need.

Talk to your doctor or qualified health professional if you can’t tick yes to any of the boxes above.