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Get better value by choosing Members’ Choice

Medibank’s Members’ Choice network is a great way to get more value from your health cover.

Everyone loves getting great value, so we’ve created the Members’ Choice network to help you get extra value from your health cover.

When you’re going to be admitted for a hospital treatment or surgery, you may want to find out if your doctor works out of a Members’ Choice Hospital.

And when you’re using your extras, no matter what you need, there’s a good chance that you’ll find a provider through our Members’ Choice network. We’ve got specialists in dental prosthetics, acupuncture, podiatry, hearing aids, and more. In fact, our network of providers is the largest of all health funds.

Members’ Choice Hospitals

If a hospital is part of our Members’ Choice network, this means that we have an agreement with them, covering how they’ll offer services to our members. You’ll find Members’ Choice hospitals and day surgeries all over Australia. You can check to see which hospitals are in our Members’ Choice network online, chat with us online or call us on 132 331.

To be admitted as a private patient at a Members’ Choice Hospital, you must have hospital cover that specifies that you’re eligible for the treatment you need.

Choosing a Members’ Choice hospital will limit your out-of-pocket expenses because the amount you can be charged is limited. Getting your treatment outside the Members’ Choice network could mean high out-of-pocket expenses.

You may still have to pay for any treatments that aren’t fully covered, any excess that applies to your policy, for any medications that aren’t covered under our agreement with the hospital, and for any gap payments that apply to prosthetics. Find out more about out-of-pocket costs here.

Members’ Choice providers

When you’re claiming for extras, using our Members’ Choice network makes sense. Whether you’re looking to use your annual dental check-up, to get a new pair or frames or to have a remedial massage or get in a physio session, using a Members’ Choice provider is the key to getting more from your benefits.

Choosing a Members’ Choice provider for your extras generally means that you’ll pay less in out-of-pockets costs than you would if you used a provider outside our network. The prices charged are capped, so you can find out how much you will have to pay upfront.

How much can you save on extras claims?

The latest Medibank data from FY16 has revealed some of the average savings that members can get by visiting a Members’ Choice extras provider1:

  • Physiotherapist – $39.30 benefit per service on average at a Members’ Choice physio, compared to $32.00 at a non-Members’ Choice provider.
  • Dentist – $62.40 benefit per service on average at a Members’ Choice dentist, compared to $54.20 at a non-Members’ Choice provider.
  • Chiropractor – $34.40 benefit per service on average at a Members’ Choice chiro, compared to $30.70 at a non-Members’ Choice provider.
  • Podiatrist – $53.50 benefit per service on average at a Members’ Choice podiatrist, compared to $47.30 at a non-Members’ Choice provider.


Our Members’ Choice network is another way that Medibank is helping you to be better. You need to know that our agreements with Members’ Choice providers are subject to change without notice. Make sure that you double check that you’ve chosen a Members’ Choice provider before making an appointment or having treatment.

1 All data is Medibank-only data and does not include ahm data, unless otherwise stated.

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