5 healthy recipes for entertaining over the festive season

Indulge in the good things in life this holiday season, including these summer-inspired dishes.

Written by Melanie Moffatt
Table set for outdoor family dining

Impress your guests (and your taste buds) with five crowd-pleasing recipes. Create a mango salsa, watermelon salad or chocolate and raspberry dessert. The bright festive ingredients will add a vibrant burst of colour and flavour to any dining table.

The recipes are quick to make and perfect for amateur or advanced entertainers. This means you can spend more time eating and less time in the kitchen.

Want your guests to take home a festive gift? Make an extra batch of granola or chocolate bark. That’s if you are willing to share!

1. Christmas dark chocolate and fruit bark recipe

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas (bark!). This recipe is perfect for a sweet snack, light dessert or wrapped up as a festive season gift.

Fresh granola, muesli in a glass jar

2. Oven roasted granola recipe

This granola is filling, festive and tastes fabulous. Serve with milk or with yogurt and fresh fruit on Christmas morning.

3. Green falafel balls with pomegranate and parsley salad recipe

This bright, healthy and Mediterranean-inspired dish will liven up any dinner table.

4. Grilled chicken with mango and avocado salsa recipe

The flavour of the mango, lime and coriander work perfectly together to add a taste of summer to any get together.

5. Watermelon, pomegranate and olive salad recipe

You’ll be pleasantly surprised how well these flavours work together. It’s a simple and refreshing salad that will soon become a summer favourite.

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Written by Melanie Moffatt

Melanie Moffatt is a corporate health and wellbeing specialist, nutritionist and accidental recipe creator. She is passionate about delivering human-centric wellbeing solutions to create happier and healthier workplaces. 

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