Michael’s Slow Cooker Corned Beef Hash


What to do

Conversely add some water if you think it looks a bit dry. I serve the dish straight from the slow cooker, using a ladle or large serving spoon. In terms of accompaniments, I recommend you serve with boiled Brussels sprouts, red cabbage or even frozen peas. These typically take 10 minutes to cook. I always make sure that I serve with buttered wholemeal bread, salt and pepper to taste and pickled onions or picked beetroot.

This is the first thing I learnt to make using a slow cooker. It has been a great family staple, because it is simple to make, tasty and loved by all of the family. I can create the dish at lunchtime, let it slowly cook all afternoon and then be ready to serve in the evening; meaning that we can have our evening meal without having to worry about cooking something straight after arriving home from work. This is a great winter comfort-food dish.

Tip: Add the larger vegetables first, because it makes it easier to stir the contents. Try not to stir the contents too soon, as the slow cooker will lose its heat. Add gravy granules if the dish looks to watery. This is lovely with boiled Brussels sprouts, or red cabbage. I accompany this dish with pickled (silverskin) onions and sliced beetroot.

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