Why focus is the key to sports success

A sports psychologist shares the secrets to unlocking performance excellence.

Written by Dr Renee Appaneal

Focus and good performance go hand in hand. We had a chat with Dr Renee Appaneal, Senior Psychologist at the Australian Institute of Sport, about the essential mental skills for sporting success.

Renee’s tip for success: When you’re performing under pressure, whether in sport or other areas, it’s the ability to maintain focus that can take you to the next level. While having the requisite skills for the task is a given, being able to focus on what is important and avoiding distractions will put you in a much better position for success.

We caught up with Dr Appaneal at the 2XU X:Level Training Camp, held at the AIS.

Written by Dr Renee Appaneal

As Senior Psychologist at the Australian Institute of Sport, Renee Appaneal coaches athletes to balance the demands of life and elite sport to achieve their best performance.

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