A day at the tennis: a survival guide

It’s a big day out – so make sure your memories are of the serves, not your sunburn.

Written by Medibank
Melbourne, Australia - January 12, 2016: Exhibition and practice match at the center court at Kooyong Tennis Club

While the spectator’s role in the Australian Open is nowhere near as gruelling as those epic five setters we’re treated to, there are plenty of little things to help make a good day great.

1. Be sun smart.

Reapply sunscreen regularly and bring along a light shirt or towel to throw over your shoulders if you have seats in the sun. This can be soaked with water during the breaks to help keep you cool. Pack a hat that shades your face and keep the back of your neck protected.

2. Drink up.

Water really is your best friend under a hot sun so make sure you have plenty on hand. During busy days the queues to buy water can be long and it gets expensive topping up throughout the day. Bring along a water bottle and use the drinking fountains and stands to fill up regularly.

3. Snack time.

There are plenty of healthy food choices at the Open and it’s fun to have a wander and discover the options. Supplement your purchases by bringing in some snacks so you have something to keep you energised during the longer games. Think mixed nuts, fresh fruit, a tub of yogurt, muesli bars, rice cakes, savoury muffins, cheese and crackers or even sandwiches.

4. Explore the area.

While the matches are the focus, there are plenty of other activities to mix it up. Take in some live music on Grand Slam Oval, watch the tennis stringers work their magic on the 500+ players’ racquets and look the part with some fan gear from the official Australian Open shops. Inspired to pick up a racquet and have a hit yourself? Make sure you visit the Medibank activation space for a centre court experience!

5. Plan your day.

Before you arrive, put a bit of thought into who you want to see play and where. Once you arrive, you’ll be glad you did as the buzzing crowds and intense atmosphere take centre stage.

6. Stay local.

If you’re visiting Melbourne for the tournament, think about staying nearby. Hard core fans who want to catch plenty of games will spend most of their time at the venue, often into the early hours of the morning, and staying within walking distance can make it much more enjoyable.

Written by Medibank

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